To Sum It Up…

Not only have I experienced a failed launch myself, but I’ve seen dozens of them as well.

And the same thing always happens as a result:

  • We blame ourselves
  • We blame the price
  • We blame the topic

But there are only 2 real reasons why launches fail.

And I want you to evaluate your offer from this empowered perspective, so that you know what tweaks to make the next time – without defaulting to “I priced it to high,” or “My idea is terrible”.

The first reason launches fail is because you didn’t get enough traffic.

The average conversion rate for a program over $1000 is only 1 percent.

So you usually need to get hundreds, if not thousands, or eyes on your sales page to reach your income goals.

Check your Google analytics to see how many page views your sales page had during the cart open, to know if traffic was the cause of your failed launch.

The second reason a launch fails is because the offer creates confusion.

Whether it’s confusion about your offer, price options or the value the program brings to the student, confusion will bring an absolutely halt to your launch.

And the best way to evaluate if confusion was a factor in your launch is to send out a post-launch survey.

Your Turn

Leave a comment below if you’ve ever experienced a failed launch and if these reasons ring true looking back.

And if you’re ready to evaluate your launch for confusion, download the free Post-Launch Survey template below!

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