I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been working on a new design for my website and branding, and it’s been such a fun process!

And with all this design talk, it got me thinking about the most successful launches and the design elements that were on those sales pages.

To make it even more robust, I reached out to two of my genius design friends to add even more insight and detail.

Without further adieu here’s the 5 must-have elements for your sales page design:

1. Choose a simple font hierarchy.

One of the most important design elements of your sales page is how you make the copy stand out, and that’s with varying font sizes.

But be careful not to choose too many!

Jessie Ford Coots from Untethered Design recommends a classic serif and clean/modern sans serif font combo.

Typography, especially on your sales page, should be readable and easy to scan. Jessie warns against using 5 or 6 different fonts that don’t go together at all (not to mention it’s way too many).

And then your page also loses hierarchy and structure to the copy.

If you need help choosing the right fonts for your sales page, check out Jessie’s recommendations here.

2. You “buy” button must pop!

When designing the colors for your sales page, or you overall brand, you probably have 3-5 colors to play with.

But, there’s one must-follow design rule:

The color of your button must be the *only* place you use that color on your page.

Stuck on your color choice? Grab the best converting color here.

3. Testimonials

Nothing converts more sales than social proof, and testimonials on your sales page are the best way to get there.

Whether you want to custom design them so they stand out, or you want to just grab screenshots from Facebook, it is essential that you have FACES attached to your testimonials.

Don’t have any testimonials yet? Grab my friend’s (and go-to copywriter!) ultimate formula for glowing testimonials here, so you know exactly what to ask.

4. Be responsive

Not sure if you’ve checked out your Google analytics lately, but I’m guessing 80% (or more) of your traffic is coming to your website and sales page on mobile devices.

So while you might spend time designing a beautiful sales page on desktop with large background images and unique photo spacing, it’s more important that your sales page is readable on mobile than anything else.

5. Create sales page sections by visual separations.

Libby Bryant from Libby Co. says the most important aspect of sales page design for her is to differentiate key sections visually.

It’s hard for skimmers to pull out important selling factors if all the copy is the same size and same format. For text, be sure to use bullet points, scale shifts, font changes and graphic elements to help accentuate key selling points by drawings extra attention.

And it’s just as important to follow up your section breakouts with equal breathing room (negative space). Libby stresses the importance of giving viewers opportunity and space to visually process information.

Jamming too much info into tight spaces will be overwhelming to potential customers and it will cause them to feel too stressed to make a smart decision. Allow for breaks in content, copy and images.

Your Turn:

Which of these tips surprises you about sales page design? And what tweaks will you be making for your next launch?

Or, what questions do you still have about sales page design? Leave them in the comments below!