You got into business to help people.
I got into business to help you.

I’m a launch strategist working with coaches, consultants, authors and other creative entrepreneurs to effortlessly sell their information products and programs online.

For years as online business manager, I constantly looked forward to launch season for my clients’ programs.

I think of launching like putting together a super fun puzzle with my grandma on the weekends.

And now that I get to focus on launches full time, I‘ve perfected the process into a unique three-phase approach that gets real results.

Like more impact. More money. More freedom in your business.

I’ve helped dozens of clients launch their group coaching programs, podcasts, membership sites, live events, e-books and digital products.


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More About The Girl Behind The Launch

1. I come from hard-working, entrepreneurial stock. Growing up in Ohio, I was the proud daughter of a self-made mechanic. Watching my father work hard to create his own business was very inspiring, and I think the entrepreneur bug might be hereditary…

2. But launch strategy isn’t my only passion. When I’m not in launch mode, you can find me baking cakes, taking hikes and playing one of my musical favs: the piano, guitar or cello.

3. I’ve built my business from the ground up. My expertise doesn’t just apply to my clients, but it comes first hand experience as well. From freelancing for just $4 an hour in 2012, to leaving my full-time job in 2015 when I hit $8K+ months.

4. I inspired my husband to pursue his passions. I sometimes think entrepreneurship is also contagious! After seeing the success and freedom I created in my business, my husband chose to pursue his own self-made goals.

5. I go to Disney World every year. Well, almost! My family and I try to make it down for annual trip. I believe it’s so important to stay young at heart, and laughter, joy and play are all traits that I try to bring into my work.

6. I’m an INTJ. Go figure, someone who loves working online is an introvert! But, the rest of my Myers-Briggs profile makes me an excellent launch strategist, focused on an organized and methodical approach to get your tasks completed, and implement systems.

7. This guy on the left is my CCO (Chief Companion Officer), and he might pop into our video chats sometimes to say hi.

8. I’m an online course junkie. So if it’s out there, I’ve probably done it. And, that’s great for your business because I’m full of the best ideas from each of their launches.

Ready to bring your online course or product to life?